Best Monoprice Subwoofers Review

When a person plans to assemble the high-quality sound system, more likely a tidy sum would be spent in order to get a truly original and stylish gadget that provides perfect sound quality. However, it’s not necessary, since today on the market there are rather affordable options from reliable manufacturers. That is why we’ve prepared the Best Monoprice Subwoofer Review to help your compare options and make the choice easier.

best home theater Monoprice Subwoofers review 2018

A subwoofer is a mandatory attribute of your home theater, as this unit reproduces the signals that conventional speakers are not able to play. Very often subs can be used not only for home audio systems but also for professional studios. In the rating, we have collected the best three models of home theater subwoofers By Monoprice in 2016-2017. The devices differ in capacity, intended use, and price.

Few Words About The Company

Monoprice is a well-known brand from the US, which produces a variety of premium accessories for electronics at a low price. The company began its operations in 2002 and since then never ceases to please its customers. In many countries, Monoprice is known mainly by professional musicians, and in the US and Europe, the brand is famous for its cables, various video converter, adapters, networking equipment, speakers, and etc. Monoprice popularity consists in the top quality products for “non-brand” prices.


The Best 8 Inch Monoprice Subwoofer

Monoprice 8 Inch 60 Watt Subwoofer

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Monoprice 8-Inch Powered Subwoofer is an active subwoofer, designed in a compact size that provides an excellent display of high frequencies. The 8 inch driver, which is ideally located in a black wooden cabinet with the size of only 13.75-Inch x 11.75-Inch x 11.75-Inch, provides unmatched sound purity and power. The compact sub design allows placing the audio system in any room, even the smallest one. The driver and bass reflex port are both located on the front panel and that looks pretty cumbersome for such a small device. Therefore, the aesthetes have a possibility to hide them behind the cover.

Adaptable crossover and frequency level imply the easy and understandable connection of this woofer to your home system. To obtain optimal blend and balance of bass output, gain and frequency knobs are provided on the control panel. What the consumer will appreciate the most is that Monoprice 108248 has several input options, as it enables the use of a sub with any stereo system that is already installed in your house, and amplifier system 5.1 or above. Each input corresponds to the relevant output.

Monoprice 8 Inch Powered Subwoofer is equipped with a special system, which can produce up to 60 RMS at the output. The device has a frequency response ranging from 50 Hz to 250 Hz. But what makes the new product extremely attractive is its price. This lovely subwoofer can be purchased for just $70. If you’re listening to the multi-channel music no less than watching movies, and your listening room area is not more than 20 sqm, Monoprice 8 Inch Powered Subwoofer is a great option, especially considering the very low price. The purchase may be marred only by a lack of housing options, but there’s nothing to be done, as it’s the budget segment. Read More: Best 8 Home Theater Subs

  • Good musical quality
  • Perfect for small rooms
  • Easy to connect
  • Low price
  • Under-powered amplifier
  • Audible buzzing


The Best 12 Inch Monoprice Sub

Monoprice 12 Inch 150 Watt Subwoofer

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The 12 Inch 150 Watt Powered woofer will please music lovers with its incredibly clear sound, which is not worth than other Monoprice home subs have. American quality and attention to detail ensure full device compliance with the Hi-Fi level. When connected to the receiver it will create a total immersion in the atmosphere of superior quality sound. The subwoofer has a sufficiently high power of 150 Watt in a compact size of just 17.5 x 17.2 x 17 inches. Peak power of the audio stream is 200 watts. The 12 inch speaker driver is capable of playing the music of any style with bright and rich bass. The amplifier built into the subwoofer enclosure provides a clear and full sound without any distortion and noise.

Due to the excellent characteristics of streaming, the reached resonance of sound waves can significantly increase the volume level without causing rattling or other noise. The subwoofer diffuser creates a powerful sound pressure, which can easily turn an ordinary room into a cinema hall. The envisaged adjustment in the crossover frequency range of 50-150 Hz allows achieving full compatibility with any speaker configuration. Moreover, it’s not difficult to integrate this 12 Inch Monoprice home theater subwoofer to your system.

The subwoofer cabinet is made of high-quality MDF painted in black color. Thus, it simplifies the selection of acoustics to create harmony in the sound and the overall system design. Robust housing prevents the creation of unwanted resonances within it through accurate calculations of geometric parameters. Legs are installed on the bottom to ensure high stability. They provide not only a reduction in the transmission of vibrations to the floor but also the reduction of distortion due to resonance. Monoprice 12 Inch 150 Watt Powered Subwoofer has an excellent potential for equipment of five-star sound system for home theater. It will easily provide the owners studio-quality sound with a minimum of cost since to become the owner of this woofer you can spend less than $150. Read More: Best 12 Home Theater Subs

  • Well thought-out design with legs
  • Solid housing
  • Capacity of built-in amplifier
  • Attractive price
  • Picky about the choice of placement
  • Sounds tinny with large front channel speakers


Best Powered Monoprice Subwoofer

Monoprice 10 Inch Powered Studio Subwoofer

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$226.48 $269.99

Monoprice company has decided to supplement its product lines with the high-quality subwoofer by presenting 605999 model for music recording studios.

This small but extremely powerful subwoofer perfectly complements the sound picture with dense and impressive bass, giving the opportunity to hear the entire sound spectrum, and its quite affordable price will allow buying it even for the small project studio.

Monoprice 605999 Powered Studio Subwoofer has a 10 inch woofer and is equipped with a bass reflex of unusual elongated oval shape with output on the back side. Unfortunately, it does not give an opportunity to place it close to the wall. The internal damping will help to get rid of resonances that lead to a distortion of the tone. The sub has a powerful class AB amplifier with the RMS capacity of 200 Watts, which is more than enough for the majority of studio facilities, and transmits the sound within a range of 20 – 150 Hz.

A large number of both input and output connectors on the back panel allow the flexible commutation of your speaker system. To connect the various signal sources Monoprice 605999 is equipped with 2 balanced inputs and outputs for left and right channels on the XLR connectors, 2 balanced inputs and outputs on the TRS connectors, as well as 2 unbalanced 14 inch TS audio inputs and outputs. Due to the foot switch output, which is not attached, by the way, and for which there is also a separate input, the user can bypass the subwoofer and crossover in order to send a full-range signal to the outputs. The fiberglass composite cone of 10 inches is able to produce the peak sound pressure level of 110dB. Design provides low pass filter with a frequency of 80 Hz and the possibility to be switched off. Thus, if you need a high-quality subwoofer for full monitoring of the organization in the studio, but you have a limited budget, try Monoprice 605999 and you will be pleasantly surprised by its great combination of price and quality of bass reproduction.

  • Superior bass quality
  • Attractive price
  • High power with modest dimensions
  • Powerful class AB amplifier
  • Picky about the choice of placement
  • Only one option of housing Protection Status