Best 12 Inch Home Subwoofer Reviews

Gone are those days when in order to get the deep bass we had to construct a huge box with a large-caliber driver. Studying the current range of subwoofers, you can only be astonished the variety of technical solutions and boundless imagination of designers. Without a doubt, modern models of bass machines can be classified as high-tech products. Of course, now there are the drivers of a very small diameter, but today, we will compare, make a review, and give our advice about choosing the best 12 inch home theater subwoofers.

best 12 inch subwoofer reviews 2018 for house

Subwoofers have penetrated not only in the sector of home theaters but also 2.1 systems. They are used for portable equipment as well. Most of the models of presented brands are well-known in the whole world. Some speakers of these companies have participated in our rating previously. Now, let’s get more to the point. Discover more about the best 12in subwoofer models from well-known manufacturers in 2017-2018! Read More:  Best 8in Home SubwoofersBest 10in Home Subwoofers


Polk Audio PSW505 12 Inch Powered Subwoofer

Polk Audio PSW505 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer

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Polk Audio has expanded its range of active subwoofers with the PSW505 model. The driver is located on the front panel looks impressive: 12-inch head with a diffuser made of cellulose coated with a polymer layer and the flat central dust insert. The magnetic screen allows you to locate the device close to the TV. The housing is made of 18 mm MDF, and the thickness of the front panel reaches 25 mm, as it’s an effective method of weakening the vibration. At the bottom of the back panel, there is a slotted bass reflex port (Slot Load Vent). The cabinet is mounted on metal legs. The amplifier has an RMS capacity of up to 300 W and during a continuous operation – peak power of 460, which is quite good for the AB class. The function of automatic turning on and turning off is provided if there is no signal for more than 15 minutes. The most rational to use this subwoofer with small satellite speakers.

Traditionally, Polk Audio devices were marked as a wonderful choice for lovers of home cinema and PSW505 is not an exception to the rule. The subwoofer produces magnificent, deep bass. The special effects are transmitted rapidly and clearly at a realistic volume levels. PSW505 has an excellent power reserve. The amounts of bass should be enough even for a large room of 50 square meters.

  • Deep and dynamic bass
  • Spectacular and powerful reproduction effects in movies
  • Great solution for large rooms
  • Rough music timbres


Monoprice 12 Inch 150 Watt Powered Subwoofer

Monoprice 12 Inch 150 Watt Powered Subwoofer

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Monoprice 12 Inch 150 Watt Powered Subwoofer is one of the most balanced models in the company’s catalog in terms of correlation of the housing size and depth, as well as the bass power. The unusual shape and simple design allow this sub to look organically in any interior. Bass reflex port is directed to the floor, and the front panel is adorned by the speaker. Its wide dynamic and frequency range make it possible to virtually real-play the most extensive effects. Robust housing made of MDF provides the necessary conditions for the proper functioning. Sab has not only a stable design, and rigid cabinet, the model boasts a long stroke cone of 12-inch woofer, located on the front panel. Bass reflex port with improved streaming characteristics and special legs that damp resonances effectively cope with the reduction of parasitic noise.

RMS power of the built-in amplifier is 150 watts and the peak capacity is 200 watts. Due to that, the frequency response ranges from 50 Hz to 250 Hz, so the crossover frequency and level can be adjusted arbitrarily within this range. Thus, the subwoofer is perfect for working together with almost all satellite or small-sized speakers.

Monoprice 12 Inch woofer does not vibrate even at high volume, which makes the bass pure and unstained. This model is equipped with multiple input options including linear (RCA) inputs, and it can be successfully used for home theater, or as part of the stereo system. Subwoofer develops a sufficient acoustic pressure for a full sound reproduction in medium- and large-sized rooms.

  • The clever design of enclosure
  • Durable materials
  • Power of built-in amp
  • Affordable price
  • Picky about the choice of placement
  • Sounds tinny with large front channel speakers


Sunfire SDS12 12″ 600W Home Theater Powered Sub

Sunfire SDS12 12" 600W Black Home Theater Sub

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SDS12 is a powered subwoofer of Dynamic Series (SDS) from the legendary American producer Sunfire and one of the top models in its category. The built-in digital amplifier of D-class with a peak power of 600 watts and RMS capacity of 300 watts were designed specifically for the Dynamic series. Branded 12-inch transmitter complements the acoustically harmonized passive 12-inch radiator that is directed downward.

Due to the compact size and the absence of side radiators subwoofer can be placed easily in tight spaces or integrated into a niche. The Sunfire developers put a lot of effort, so for the money spent the buyer would receive the highest quality and the powerful bass. This should be provided by proprietary technologies of the American manufacturer, such as Frequency Filtration Design (FFD). It allows keeping the tonal balance in the whole frequency response range, which equals to 28 Hz – 150 Hz. Thanks to a crossover filter the frequency response can be adjusted between 30 Hz and 150 Hz, so almost through the whole range. Of course, a model of this price range can’t be without such useful function as Auto power on / off. The developers have not forgotten about it, too. For ease of connection, Sunfire offers a separately purchased wireless transmitter and receiver working at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. Thus, Sunfire SDS12 is a perfect compliment to you home theater system.

  • Juicy and clear bass
  • Powerful amp of 600 watts (peak)
  • Frequency Filtration Design technology
  • Simple design
  • Great for music and movies
  • Price Protection Status